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Career Change

Working with China

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Seize Your Job Opportunities

Careers for Chinese speakers?

86% of non-native Chinese speakers

work in private companies

Job offer Frequency

24%Sales   16%Accounting   16%Purchasing   10%Logistic 8%Administration   8%R&S   6%Customer Care


to empower your skills

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How to make a career with Chinese?

What's the best career path for you?

How to make a career from your Chinese language skills?

How to get the best from China's Booming?

Book an Orientation Call with our China Expert Tutor Now and find out the right path for your career development!

Are you ready to work with Chinese Language?

Companies require practical skills. Those who have studied Chinese, and have not yet got work experience, often do not know how to achieve company targets: buying goods, selling products, managing contracts, accounting and human resources. Those with more experience may need to gain a deeper understanding of business processes to advance their careers. In both cases, we have the right tools to empower your practical skills.

What are companies looking for in those who have studied Chinese?

Companies require specific professional skills. That's what they want to see in your resume. Those who have studied Chinese often fail a job interview because they are not able to show in a few seconds the points companies want to hear of: increase in sales, savings in purchasing costs from China or optimization of business management as in Accounting and HR. To overcome these obstacles and increase your hiring possibilities, you can count on our Career Coaching.

How to get a Company Directory to send your resume?

Do you already know what's the Job Position you are able to fit? Do you have a resume and a cover letter that can truly convince a company?
Then you just have to look for companies to introduce yourself! It seems that any companies have some relationship with China, but which of them really works with China? Which of them can offer serious career prospects to those who have studied Chinese?
In 14 years of experience, we have collected all their data in one list, ready for you!

Visit China


What should a post-Covid China experience include?


A Chinese language course in China

A professional training to catch up with the time you lost An Internship in China to be able to immediately find a job once the experience is over

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