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Beginners - Fast Skills

China Consulting

Manage Chinese Businesses

How to work in a Consulting Agency?

Learn the Tricks of the Trade in 1 Hour

Listen to the Videolesson and get ready to work in Purchasing, Trading, Sales, and Logistics.

Acquire the basics for Company Start-up, WOFI, JV, Rep. Office and Free Trade Zones.

Reserve your Live Private Videocall with our CEO (15 years of Business experience in China) for any clarifications or advice for your future.


Detailed Contents


Business & Management Paths


Live Private Videocall with CEO

* All contents are certified and selected following HSCAdvisor method for Oriental Studies in order to quickly aquire working skills


Consulting in China is included in one of the 4 videolessons that is part of both our Business and Managerial Path Options

Choose your option between Business or Managerial Path With 4 videolessons and a 1-hour Videocall with our CEO

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