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ChinaMasterAcademy Leadership Plan

Export F&B to China

6 hours webinar

1 day duration

Live with CEO

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The MasterClass offers a detailed vision of the main activities that a company must perform to manage Sales and Distribution processes in the Chinese Market. The articulation is finalized at the analysis of single technical skills necessary for managing different phases of development when coming to agreements with Chinese contractors, from the search for distributors and clients to the analysis of customs procedures necessary to export food products into China, and, finally to the drafting of commercial agreements that respect international norms recognized by Chinese law.

The dynamics of developing commercial sales agreements B2B with Chinese distributors will be illustrated with a theoretical approach relating to referred regulations. We will then present a Cases Studies sessions with actual examples for practically managing the most common problems and procedures that emerge in a business relation with Chinese companies.

Contents & Materials

The contents are divided into 3 themes analyzed individually but interconnected. The articulation is developed in 3 lessons of 2 hours each for a total of 6 hours in order to facilitate the assimilation of the contents through the illustration of the theories in the first hour (procedures and regulations) and of the practices in the second (Cases study and managerial management).

Study materials offered are digital and cataloged by themes. Illustrated digital presentations are enriched with links for web consultation of the main Chinese and European government sites about legislation, procedures, and lists for the calculation of taxes and customs duties.

The illustration of the Case Studies is facilitated by real company documents and spreadsheets relating to real business and particularly illustrative of the support activity for SMEs in China carried out by foreign consultancy companies.


Video Lesson

Videolessons in English with power point illustration to acquire all the techniques to truly work with Chinese in the company (Commerce, Accounting, HR, Legal, Trademark and Patent Registration, Consulting, F&B)



Lots of digital in-depth materials for consulting Chinese Regulations, Customs Codes, Best Practices, Bureaucratic Procedures.

Links to institutional portals for the verification of company documents.


CEO Tutoring

Your Tutor will be the CEO of Horizon Solutions and creator of the course, Mr. Francesco Di Lieto. With 15 years of China Business Experience, he will show you what a company really expects from you, giving you lots of career tips.

* All contents are certified and selected following HSCAdvisor method for Oriental Studies in order to quickly aquire working skills

Time Schedule

Day 1 (Single Day) - 3 Lessons, 6 Hours


1 - Research Chinese F&B importers - 9:00 AM

Main search channels for Chinese F&B importers: Web directories, trade associations, trade fairs

Case Study - Handling sampling requests from Chinese importers at the first commercial contact.

2 - Participation and Management of Fairs - 11:00 AM

Tools for evaluating the commercial scope of a trade fair in China. Sampling import management and repatriation or destruction procedures of the goods

Case Study - Shanghai Global Food Trade Show FHC 2020: participation procedures, costs, commercial scope.

Lunch Break 1:00 PM


3 - F&B labeling and classification for China - 2:00 PM

Chinese regulations relating to the import of F&B. Labeling, Phytosanitary Certification, and Traceability in the Chinese customs system

Case Study - Classification and Labeling Procedures. China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Free Trade Zones digital procedures.


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