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ChinaMasterAcademy Leadership Plan

Selling to China

12 hours webinar

2 days duration

Live with CEO

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The MasterClass offers a detailed vision of the main activities that a company must perform to manage market penetration practices into the Chinese Market.  Its framework is set up for the analysis of the single technical skills necessary for managing the different phases of development for a commercial agreement with Chinese parties. This spans from searching for distributors and clients to analyzing customs procedures necessary to exchange goods with China, and finally, drafting and business contract that respects the international norms respected by the proper Chinese authorities.  The dynamics for developing sales and distributions agreements in the Chinese Market will be illustrated with a theoretical approach relating to the commons regulations in China.  Case studies will then be presented on practical management of the most frequent problems and procedures that come up in a business relationship with Chinese distributors and clients.


Contents & Materials

Contents are divided into 6 themes analyzed individually but interconnected.

6 lessons of 2 hours each for a total of 12 hours in order to facilitate the assimilation of the contents through the illustration of the theories in the first hour (procedures and regulations) and of the practices in the second (Cases study and managerial management) .

Study materials offered are digital and cataloged by themes. Illustrated digital presentations are enriched with links for web consultation of the main Chinese and European government sites about legislation, procedures, and lists for the calculation of taxes and customs duties.

The illustration of the Case Studies is facilitated by real company documents and spreadsheets relating to real business and particularly illustrative of the support activity for SMEs in China carried out by foreign consultancy companies.


Video Lesson

Videolessons in English with power point illustration to acquire all the techniques to truly work with Chinese in the company (Commerce, Accounting, HR, Legal, Trademark and Patent Registration, Consulting, F&B)



Lots of digital in-depth materials for consulting Chinese Regulations, Customs Codes, Best Practices, Bureaucratic Procedures.

Links to institutional portals for the verification of company documents.


CEO Tutoring

Your Tutor will be the CEO of Horizon Solutions and creator of the course, Mr. Francesco Di Lieto. With 15 years of China Business Experience, he will show you what a company really expects from you, giving you lots of career tips.

* All contents are certified and selected following HSCAdvisor method for Oriental Studies in order to quickly aquire working skills

Time Schedule

Day 1 - 3 Lessons, 6 Hours


1 - Search for Chinese distributors / customers - 9:00 AM

Main search channels for Chinese distributors and customers: Web directories, trade associations, trade fairs

Case Study - Cost-benefit analysis of selling to distributors or end customers (B2B vs B2C)


2 - Retrieval, consultation and verification of chamber visures and licenses of Chinese companies - 11:00 AM

Chinese company deeds, chamber of commerce surveys, licenses and the registration and publication bodies of company data

Case Study - Comparison between different chamber of commerce searches to identify reliable Chinese partners and avoid commercial fraud


Lunch Break 1:00 PM


3 - Quality standards and certification bodies - 2:00 PM

Chinese quality standards (CQC), ISO and TUV certifications

Case Study - Comparison between documentation issued by the Italian authorities and technical requests to comply with Chinese quality standards.


Day 2 - 3 Lessons, 6 Hours


4 - Visits and production checks in EU - 9:00 AM

The control procedures by Chinese entities on the EU territory.

Case Study - Discrepancies between the contractual requests of the Chinese distributor or customer and the production procedures relating to means of production and personnel trained in EU.


5 - Analysis of import procedures in China, Shipping and related costs - 11:00 AM

Chinese customs procedures for imports into China. Shipping methods, container categories and shipping booking procedures. Cost incidence analysis
Case Study - HS code consultation, regulations retrieval and calculation of the incidence of customs duty and VAT refund in a business plan.
Case Study - Inspection and quarantine in China and impact on timing and conservation status of goods.


Lunch Break 1:00 PM


6 - Contracts and Resolution of non-compliance - 2:00 PM

Regulations and sanctioning procedures in the Chinese customs system

Case Study - standard supply contract analysis and amicable resolution of non-compliance.

Time Schedule

Day 1 - 5 Lessons, 10 Hours


1 - The need for the defense of intellectual property - 8:00 AM

The limits of the EU registration of trademarks and patents compared to the Chinese market

Case Study - Risk analysis of the penetration of the Chinese market with an EU registration of Trademarks and Patents.


2 - Incorporation, Trademark and Patent Registration in China - 10:00 AM

Incorporation (RO, WOFE, JV), Trademarks, Patents and Utility Patents Registration. Categorization and competent bodies for registration in China

Case Study - Procedure and related costs of application, verification, registration and renewal at competent offices in China.


3 - Distribution and Intellectual Property Agreements - 12:00 AM

Partnership methods and related management of intellectual property registered in China: Royalties, Franchising, Trademark and Patent Transfer

Case Study - Cost-benefit analysis of distribution in China through regional partnerships of patented or registered brand products


Lunch Break 2:00 PM


4 - The taxation of corporate profits in China - 3:00 PM

Deadlines and Reporting required by Chinese legislation

Case Study - Procedure for calculating profits and related taxes; Compilation of forms and sending quarterly, half-yearly and yearly to competent offices


5 - Business Tax, Value Added Tax and VAT Refund - 5:00 PM

Invoicing in China, Value added tax and VAT Refund management in import-export

Case Study - Calculation of VAT on imported goods and VAT Refund relating to finished products derived from imported raw materials for re-export of the processed goods



Day 2 - 5 Lessons, 10 Hours


6 - Free Trade Zones and Cash Flow - 8:00 AM

Laws and regulations in force in the People's Republic of China for the development and management of the Shanghai Pudong Area and Pearl River Delta Free Trade Zone Free Trade Zones

Case Study - impact on cash flow in the business plan of an importing company in China with and without headquarters in FTZ



7 - Hong Kong in the Chinese tax system - 10:00 AM

Facilitated taxation and operating restrictions of a Hong Kong Company in the Chinese system

Case Study - Calculation of taxation for goods exported via Hong Kong and produced outside its borders


8 - Personnel Management in China: Recruiting and Personnel Selection - 12:00 AM

Job Offer drafting, résumé analysis and process of selection and recruitment of Chinese personnel

Case Study - discrepancies between training and actual employee skills; reference control procedures; skills assessment system in the interview phase.


Lunch Break 2:00 PM


9 - Hiring and Firing of Chinese and Foreigner personnel in China - 3:00 PM

Regulations in force in the People's Republic of China in relation to the hiring and dismissal of staff.

Case Study - FESCO and temporary agencies: cost-benefit analysis


10 - Payroll, duties and bonuses management for personnel in China - 5:00 PM

Welfare in China and its fragmentation

Case Study - comparative analysis of pension contributions of Chinese employees with different hukou.



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