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Empower your Company Resources

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Train your employees now and empower your company's China Business skills!

China Master Academy is a Horizon Solutions Brand . Horizon Solutions has been working with China for 15 years and conducts business training for European companies. Horizon Solutions organizes Specific Corporate Training for the Chinese Market, online or face-to-face. You can compose the course that best suits the needs of your company. Choose a Business Technical Course and integrate it with a basic or advanced Chinese language course by the Confucius Institute of the University of Naples l'Orientale .

 China Business Techniques  

Business Mediation 12 HOURS
Research & Management of Chinese Customers, Distributors & Suppliers, Import-Export Practices, HScode & Duties, Trademark & Patent Protection, Contracts & Non-compliance.

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Business Internationalization 12 HOURS
Registration & Branch Management in China, Joint Venture, Personnel Management in China, Trademark & Patent Registration.

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Chinese Tourism Management 12 HOURS
Chinese Tour Operator Research & Management, Tourist Offer Formulation, Visa Procedures, Itinerary Management and Optimization, Reception and Tourist Services.

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 Business Chinese Language Course  

Basic Chinese 60 HORUS
The best course for your employees to find their way in China and integrate more easily. An essential course for those who often visit China or meet Chinese customers.
By the Confucius Institute of the University of Naples Orientale

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Business Chinese 60 HOURS
The course is aimed at those who already have a solid knowledge of the language and want to master commercial and contractual negotiations.
By the Confucius Institute of the University of Naples Orientale

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Attendance, Costs and Reservations
The course is fully customizable and its cost is determined by your choice.

The courses are entirely online. You will be able to attend the lessons from our site using the login credentials that will be provided. All study materials are digital and downloadable from the login page. You just need to access your personal page at the time set with the teacher to attend the lesson. All lessons are also recorded and uploaded online the next day to allow you to catch up on any lessons you may not have been able to attend.

China Business Techniques
Available Courses: Commercial Mediation, Business Internationalization, Chinese Tourism Management (Video Course available online + 3 hours Live with Tutor)
Registration fee € 500.00

Chinese Language Course
Courses Available: Basic Chinese or Business Chinese
Registration fee € 350.00

If you are a trade association and intend to offer our courses to your associates, or if you want to offer the course to more employees of your company, you can report it to us to get personalized timetables and an overall favorable quotation.

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