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Video Corso On Demand for Professionals & Students

Work in China Consulting

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On Demand Courses are a practical and fast way to study if you are a Manager, Professional or Student who wants to learn how to Manage a Business with China. At the end of the course you will get a final assessment test and a certificate.

All the practical skills to work in a company

In 4 one-hour video lessons all of the basic know-how to work in a Company as China Commerce Specialist
  A complete overview of Job Profiles and conneceted Skills to start working in a Company
1 hour private call with our CEO (15 years china Business Experience) to give you advice and guidance for your future


Technical Skills

Videolessons in English with power point illustrations to get all of the techniques to really work with Chinese in the industry (Commerce, Accounting, HR, Legal, Trademark and Patent Registration, Consulting, F&B)


An in-depth analysis

Tons of detailed digital materials to consult Chinese Norms, Customs Codes, Best Practices and Burocratic Procedure.

Links and Institution Web Sites to check for company documents.


Online Training

One-hour private web call to speak directly with the CEO of Horizon Solutions, and creator of our course, Francesco Di Lieto. You can ask questions on the lesson or ask for advice and additional info.

* All of the materials are selected and certified according to HSC Advisor's method for Eastern Studies to quickly acquire technical skills for use as a professional

A great beginning to work with Chinese in a company
4 Online Video lessons + 4 Skills Certifications + 1 hour live one-on-one call with our CEO
Business start up in China, diversification of company structures in the PRC
Verifying China Certificate of Incorporation
Verifying Chinese Company Licenses

General features of the Chinese tax system
Deadlines and Terms of Chinese Tax System
Reporting Standards, Basic Audit Processes

Outlines of branding activities aimed at Chinese customers
Foreign Trademarks and Risk Analysis on Trade with China
Patent registration for foreign products in China
Features of intellectual property in China

Fundamentals of personnel management in China
Payroll and contribution administration
General outlines of Chinese contract


Working in China Consulting is an online video course designed for professionals and university students. You will be able to manage the course according to your times and your needs. The 4 video lessons can be used On Demand on a password-protected personal page. Inside the page you will find the video lessons with attached documentation. Upon registration you will receive your login credentials. At the end of the course there will be a final evaluation test with CEO and certificate release. You can book the Call with the CEO by following the instructions on the personal page you will receive.

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