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It’s difficult to discover what jobs you can find with Chinese University classes are not enough to get into the working world:  You need hands on skills! We can help you to get a clear picture and answer all of your questions about work and career.

Book your spot right now with one of our expert China tutors and find the career that suits you.

Find the market facts that will help you decide what your ideal profession is.

Need some quick training?

Empower your job skills to reach a clear career path.


Where are you starting from?



Do you want a complete picture on the jobs you can find with a degree in Chinese? Do you want to master the practical skills that companies need you to know to start succeeding in the working world?

With our Fast Skills courses you’ll have a complete global picture of all the professions that will be open to you through the study of Chinese and the know-how to start working immediately!

Fast Skills

7 Video Courses in 2 Programs

Our System: 7 hour video-lessons available online 24/7 from your personal page; First part Theory with Tutor + Practicum with the CEO (15 years of Business Experience in China)

Contents: China Commerce, Sales & Distribution in China, Consulting, Trademarks and Patents, Accounting, HR, Legal

Private Online Coaching includes: 1 hour private videocall with CEO to answer your questions and get professional advice

Certification: Given at the end course



If you are an expert, you already acquired all the necessary skills to work with Chinese in a Company.

Now you can get our career Coaching to make your resume more effective and receive a professional career orientation from our CEO.

You can also require our Company Direcotry, a complete mailing list to send your resume to thousand of companies working with China.

Job Opportunities

We offer specific solutions to empower your profile after China Studies and to assist you find your new job

Career Coaching

Company Directory

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Are you a China Business Manager?

Do you wish to change your career or start to work in a different Country?

We offer you a free list of Job Offers selected from best Recuires worldwide.

Job Offers

Weekly Updates

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Job Offers

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Post Covid Planner

Looking for a solution to get the time back you lost during Covid?

With Shanghai MasterClass you will take back your future with a personalized experience in Shanghai including a Language Course, Professional Training and a Full Internship.

Shanghai MasterClass

The China Experience designed on your needs

Orientation: A private call to select the right tools for you and make up for lost time

Training: Practical courses to necessary skills and Work with Chinese

Leaving to Shanghai: Stay in China, you set the time and length of your stay and experience

Chinese Courses in Shanghai: Business Chinese or Chinese for HSK in class or 1to1 lessons in Shanghai

Company Visits: Visit Factories, Agencies, Offices to interact with Managers in Shanghai

Labs: A CEO in Shanghai that teaches you how to work with Chinese

Internship: Work experience in Shanghai in a consulting company to get your Resumé started and jumpstart you off to a career path


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We diversify our expertise to lead you

towards new horizons

Horizon Solutions, with its offices in London and Shanghai has supported SMEs Businesses in China.  With ChinaMasterAcademy we are transforming this know-how into useful content for your career. is our site that offers assistance to companies. Born Chinese Specialists and China Business Advisors by profession, with ChinaMasterAcademy wish to train and mould a new generation and share their professional know how to close the gap University and the Working World.

Proudly working with


Our Graduates

After my degree, I was looking for a course which could give me all the information to work with China.

I enrolled ChinaMasterAcademy and I found it very interesting and appealing.

I have attended all the courses offered, from Trade with China to China consulting, Tradmark & Patent, Accounting & Finance, HR and Legal Advisory. The Academy gave me a direct perspective of the attitude that every person needs to work with a complex and incredible country like China.

Job advisory and tutoring hours helped me find the right path for my future. It was very helpful and people in ChinaMasterAcademy are always available to give you all the information or answer to any doubts.

I have enriched my resume with all the new skills I got from ChinaMasterAcademy and bring on my experiences in tourism area to engage in a new career for organizations such as Tour Operators.

I feel ready now to support Italian Tour Operators that are dealing with China Business and to design new products for my beloved Sardinia.

- Laura Ilaria Basciu -