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Offerta Lavoro Lingua Cinese - Ecommerce Account Manager (Mandarin Speaker)

Offerta Lavoro Lingua Cinese Garden
Offerta Lavoro Lingua Cinese Ecommerce Account Manager (Mandarin Speaker)

Offerta Lavoro Lingua Cinese


  • Familiar with the format of European luxury goods, with extensive experience in incubating and operating sellers. Able to quickly conduct layered operational management of sellers, clarify the structure of seller's goods and sources, formulate growth paths for KA and PKA sellers, provide growth assistance to sellers at different levels, and continuously optimize the operation mechanism of merchants.

  • Understand the cross-border luxury goods platform e-commerce system, able to set development goals for different merchants according to the characteristics and mode requirements of the platform, coordinate to solve problems after merchants join, and promote the rapid growth of sellers' product expansion and sales.

  • Insight into the operational dynamics of competitors, analysis of platform user composition and hot-selling categories, excavation of business opportunities, and promotion of growth of merchants at different levels and types.

  • Familiar with market trends, able to collect and manage clues at the product level, familiar with the structure of new products, hot-selling products, and clearance goods in the European market in China, enhance user relationships and user stickiness through product precipitation, predict industry opportunities, and apply them to different merchants.

  • Collaborate with product, BI, and other horizontal internal teams, combine seller/operation pain points, and promote the landing of optimization solutions, continuously improving customer experience.


  • Bachelor's degree or above, with 3-5 years of experience in the e-commerce platform industry, experience with sneaker/luxury goods merchants/category operations is preferred.

  • Excellent English and Mandarin skills as a working language; experience working or living in Europe, understanding of European luxury goods/trends culture, additional abilities in Italian/French/Spanish/German or other European languages are a plus.

  • Clear logic, methodological, with good 0-1 project success cases in previous work.

  • Strong self-drive, proactive, good communication skills, strong project coordination ability, good at promoting cross-departmental work, able to take the lead.

  • Proficient in using office software, excel skills above medium to high (formulas/pivot, etc.), strong sensitivity to the luxury goods market and data, excellent analytical and data disintegration abilities.


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