Do you want to receive samples quickly from your suppliers? Do you want to save a lot in terms of costs in sending and receiving international couriers? Do you want to avoid hassle with the supplier about the costs of a sample international shipment? 




- Receive and send your samples to your suppliers from our Shanghai office


- Take photos of the samples and observe what you ask for


- Note the address written by the supplier for the shipment by verifying that it corresponds to the company registered office of your supplier


How does it work


1. Upon payment completion, send us a file word indicating the sample type, volume, specimen , names and addresses of suppliers whom you have requested the samples from


2. We will send you an email with our Chinese address and the name of our referee


3. Within 3 business days upon receipt ofthe samples in our office, we will send a text and image report to your inbox, highlighting any detected issues (mailing address, sample packing, any discrepancies between the sample requested and the received sample).


If you need, you can select additional services from our Service Store.

Receive and evaluate samples in China

  • We advise you to indicate in detail how the sample should be presented in order to cover all the possible differences in production and product management than you have agreed with the supplier. Also remember to send us all the addresses and contacts of the suppliers from which you are waiting for the samples.

  • The service cost refers to a maximum of 10 small volume samples. The cost of shipping is not included in the cost of the service. If shipping costs occur (Eg the supplier sends the samplecharging the shipping to the recipient) we will send you a link to proceed with payment and we will send you your receipt. The service does not include technical, engineer or chemical testing of the sample. If you need suh specific service, please contact us and we will advise you a laboratory, a company or a quality control institute that can help you with it.

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