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to Work with Chinese

Your tools to work with China

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What is my course start day?
All our courses are available online. You will get a personal page with a password. You can access our Video-courses from your PC whenever you want. When you feel ready you can access a final evaluation test and book 1 hour Call with our CEO by following the instructions on your personal page you will receive.

When I will get my certificate?
As soon you will pass the final evaluation test, you will get a certificate of completion. Our certificate will state your knowledge of technical skills in Commerce and Consulting according to HSC Advisor’s method for Eastern Studies. Our certificate is a statement of real company skills that will work as a company recomendation letter.

✓ Can I pay a course with Bank Account?
Yes you can. Drop us a message and we will send you our bank account details to pay in Euro, GBP or USD.


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