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About Us

China Master Academy is a unique instructional and technical course specific for training students and professionals in handling business with China and is set up to meet real demands for different industry sectors.
A Brand of Horizon Solutions, we are a company with over 15 years of experience in assisting some of the biggest national and international groups in commercial, investment and entrepreneurial sectors between China, Europe and the U.S.
Horizon Solutions manages training for personnel ready to work in in the biggest entrepreneurial Chinese, Italian and Foreign groups. China Master Academy supplies Business course instruction in Chinese and Public Sectors, Schools and Universities, working professionals and students.
What are you waiting for? Choose your course to really start working with China!

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High Education

ChinaMasterAcademy was born from an idea of Horizon Solutions. For more than a decade, the Shanghai Office has supported International Businesses in China while the London Office has managed investments for Chinese clients in Europe. Orientalists by birth and China Business Advisors by profession, with ChinaMasterAcademy we want to train the new generation and share the tools of the profession to bridge the gap between universities and the working world. Horizon Solutions is often hired by customers to search for Highly Quilified People. Our Career Expertise and Resume Building Service will prepare to Work with China. Plus, we complete your training with solid Language Skills to apply Chinese language in the business world. All this is ChinaMasterAcademy  by Horizon Solutions .

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Francesco Di Lieto

CEO Horizon Solutions Consultants

CEO, 14 years of activity in China. Chinese Business & Political Sciences

Management & Consulting in Chinese Business Contexts.



"Get it done in a hurry"


Iris Li

CEO TianGe Investment

Economist, 20 years of career.


Business Relations Specialist.




"If you're not ready, we have another billion people"

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Antonino Capasso

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Media Analyst / Sales


Alberto Maria D'Aiuto

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Public Relations

Giuseppe Rana Business.jpg

Giuseppe Rana

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Social Media

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Student Secretariat

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Office team

Ready to assist you

Our Team is located in Uk, China and Italy in order to follow all the needs of our students.

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You can contact Student Secretariat anytime to arrange a meeting with our Tutors, Submit your application, Request assistance with your Student personal page.

The Student Secretariat follows our students abroad to provide them support with assurances, papers, flights, relecations.

If you are attending our courses abroad, call us at the mobile phone provided from your Tutor. 

Laura Ilaria Basciu

Our Graduates

After my degree, I was looking for a course which could give me all the information to work with China.

I enrolled ChinaMasterAcademy and I found it very interesting and appealing.

I have attended all the courses offered, from Trade with China to China consulting, Tradmark & Patent, Accounting & Finance, HR and Legal Advisory. The Academy gave me a direct perspective of the attitude that every person needs to work with a complex and incredible country like China.

Job advisory and tutoring hours helped me find the right path for my future. It was very helpful and people in ChinaMasterAcademy are always available to give you all the information or answer to any doubts.

I have enriched my resume with all the new skills I got from ChinaMasterAcademy and bring on my experiences in tourism area to engage in a new career for organizations such as Tour Operators.

I feel ready now to support Italian Tour Operators that are dealing with China Business and to design new products for my beloved Sardinia.

- Laura Ilaria Basciu -

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